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  I paint scenes of feminist narratives using satire, sexuality and visual polarities. Employing the Venetian technique I paint in numerous layers to achieve striking contrasts.  My style enhances these contrasts by using animated characters placed in classically themed backgrounds.  I am a self-taught artist who is actively looking to “re-animate” characters directed at specific feminist concepts in my work.

  The female characters, which I loosely base on 1920’s tube animation designs, are lewd, sexual and appear bendable and boneless. Effectively they become a new vision of the female nude; one that is no longer weak and demure, but bold and lustful. My re-assessed nudes not only explore brazen female sexuality, but also the representative limitations western culture places on it. These characters are nestled among realistic items reminiscent of Dutch still life paintings, resulting in a stark dichotomy between nude and environment. This polarity pushes the nude into the primary visual focus, forcing the viewer to encounter it.  I further this bold focus with the use of saturated colors and dynamic lighting.

  Within this dichotomy I include sketchy animated characters, often surrounding the main figure. These imps embody chaos, vice and inherent hedonism, which I chalk up to various aspects of human psyche. They exert an implicit force on the main character and, in a sense, liberate them from sexual taboos.

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